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MgO-C Bricks for BOF
MgO-C Bricks for EAF
MgO-C Bricks for Ladle
Al2O3-MgO-C Bricks for Ladle
Alumina-SiC-C for Torpedo
MgO-C Bricks for RH Furnace
Castables for Blast Furnace Trough
Repairing material for BOF
Ramming Mix for EAF Bottom
Gunning Mix for Converter and Ladle
Raw Material
Slide Gate Plate
Lower/Upper Nozzle Brick

This material uses fused magnesia or sintered magnesia as the main raw material and after modifid pitch and special additives are added,it has the following characteristcs than other conventional converter pitch temperature,shorter sintering time,longer service life and less pollution .
It is mainly used for repairing converter working face,also for tapping side,tapping hole and bottom.

MgO % 75 80
CaO 10 57
Fe2O3 46 46
Cold Crushing Strength(MPa) 1300*3h 40 40
1600*3h 80 80
sizing(mm) 06 06
Application EAF Bottom
Above data are our standard specification, And there is a series products for a single grade bricks to meet the consumers' different demands.